Agora Portals International School

Currently Agora Portals is the only international school in Mallorca offering the IB diploma (International Baccalaureate). Their programme consists of a high level of English, music, sports, art and the new technologies. Besides, the development of social skills, responsibility, discipline and a strong will, play a significant role in the school.

Agora Portals is a trilingual school. The curriculum is a combination of the British and Spanish curriculum building a framework of global education combined with innovative lesson themes in English, Spanish and Catalan. The applied method is immersion, where the newest teaching strategies, active lesson participation and digital competences are of great importance.

Another asset is the teaching of Mandarin-Chinese from 5 years onwards until the second year of primary and the choice between German or French from Secondary onwards.

A special feature is the integrated music school. From the first year of primary all students learn to play a musical instrument. The basic music diploma can be obtained or, after extended studies, the professional music diploma.
Sport plays an important role. The school has an indoor pool, sports fields and a gym. Swimming is part of the curriculum and is carried out once a week.

Children can enter the school as early as one year old and leave the school at the age of 18.

-Flipped Classroom: a comprehensive approach which increases the commitment and involvement of all students, which combines direct education with constructive methods
-PBL (Problem-Based Learning): a style of learning in which the teacher poses a problem and pupils present a solution through working on a project
-CBL (Challenge-Based Learning): motivates pupils to collaborate and make use of new technologies to solve real-world problems

Entry assessment
No entry assessment required

Support classes
The school offers language support for new students with little to no Spanish skills at an extra cost

Global framework and language immersion, majority of lessons are taught in English, followed by Spanish, Catalan, German, French and Mandarin Chinese

Special educational needs provision
Psychopedagogy and Guidance department with experience in: infant-child psychology, educational psychology, specific learning difficulties, gifted and talented, special educational needs,therapeutic pedagogy interventions and teaching
Agora Portals International School has become a school recognised nationally for its Programme of Support for Pupils with specific learning difficulties.
The school uses a methodology based on programmes of structured, cumulative and multisensory interventions, tailored to meet the individual needs of each pupil and making use of audio-visual and interactive resources and materials, as well as study techniques and specific learning strategies which enable pupils to learn and successfully achieve their goals.

Parent-teacher communication
Welcome meetings at the beginning of the academic year, individual meetings with class tutors each term, CAV – Portal Virtual Community for parents and teachers

Examinations and assessment
International and National Baccelaureate

First cycle (1-2years): 8:50am until 3:00pm/5:00pm
Second cycle (3-5years): 8:50am until 5:00pm
Primary and Secondary: 8:50am until 5:00pm

Student background
70%Spanish students
30% international students

Classroom equipment
interactive whiteboard in each class and projector and screen

Role of…
music: The integrated music school, plays a key role in the children´s education. Pupils learn to play an instrument and how to read music from 5/6 years of age
sports: National and international sports in P.E. classes, swimming, International Sports club, sporting events, NACE Olympic games
art: Pupils learn to discover a new world of sensation through painting and drawing, subject Visual Arts included in IB programme
ICT: Computers with internet connection are available in the library, 5th and 6th of Primary work with individual tablets in the classroom

School fees
starting from 600Euro for Infantil

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  1. My son has to redo his Higher Level Psychology exam in November. We live in Palma. Would you have a teacher in this field that – after school or during his spare time – could assist my son during the next weeks in preparing for same?

    Kind regards,
    Sebastiaan Berger

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