Lycée français Palma

The French school in Palma de Mallorca has been established for more than 40 years and offers students from the age of 2 to 18 a multilingual education and an international future. It is approved by both the Spanish Ministry of Education and by the French Ministry of National Education. It belongs to the network of the Mission Laïque française, composed of 121 schools in 45 countries and is well-known for its quality education.

Their innovative pedagogy and methodolgy develops students creative spirit, their sense of reflection and critical reasoning which prepares students to be autonomous, tolerant and ambitious citizens of the world. Children can start as early as 2 years and leave school at the age of 17 or 18. Currently the Lycée français has 500 students.

Infantil: learning through play, exploring the world around them by discovering, perceiving, feeling, using their imagination and creating, acting and expressing with the body, students develop their motor, sensory, emotional, relational and intellectual skills
Primary: Children associate subjects teachers with specific language, main subjects are taught in French, while other subjects are taught in Spanish, Catalan and English, children start with mathematics, Art and Sport, in the 3rd cycle students discover literature, history, geography, experimental sciences and technology

Entry assessment
No entry assessment required

Support classes
children receive language support in small groups some hours per day

The main curriculum is the French curriculum but there are elements of the Spanish curriculum integrated. At the end children can get both academic titles.
The main language is French. Otherwise children learn Spanish, Catalan, English and German.

Special educational needs provision
The school follows a special programme for children with learning difficulties together with the parents and the child. The responsible teachers are the coordinators of the primary and secondary department.

Parent-teacher communication
regular meetings throughout the academic year

Academic degree
At the age of 14 students take the Diplôme National du Brevet
At the age of 17 students take the Baccalauréat

Examinations/ assessments
6 to 10 years – DELF Prim A2 and Cambridge A1 or A2
11 to 14 years – DELF Junior B1 or B2, DELE B1 or B2 (Cervantes), Cambridge B1 or B2
15 to 17 years – Cambridge B2 or C1, official Catalan certificate B1, B2 or C1 and German A2 or B1 (Goethe Institut)

Infantil: 8:45am till 3:00pm
Primary: 8:45am till 3:15pm
Secondary: 8:45am till 5pm

Student background
Students come from 15 different nationalities.

Classroom equipment
black boards, video projector

new school building from September 2017

Role of…
music: part of curriculum
sports: part of curriculum
art: part of curriculum
ICT: 15 computers in ICT suite and iPads, at the age of 11 children obtain the first level of the Computer and Internet Brevet (B2I), which certifies their skills in handling multimedia tools

School fees

School fees Infantil 494Euro
School fees Primary 478Euro (1st till 5th Primary)
School fees Secondary 564Euro
Instituto Bachillerato 628Euro
Inscription fee 600Euro
Materials Infantil 30Euro per annum
Materials Primary 36Euro per annum
Excursions 20Euro per annum
Discounts for siblings 10% for the 2nd child
15% for 3rd or more children


regular outings throughout the academic year, parents can join in Infantil children go on excursions involving overnight stays