Escola Arimunani

logoEscola Arimunani will open its doors for the first time in September 2016 and lies in a quiet urbanisation close to Son Ferriol, about 10mins from Palma city.

The school offers an active, experience based, close to nature educational approach where happiness is the main objective and where children are educated to their fullest potential.
The loving and calm path the school is taking is reflected in the surroundings which consist of the main building and the generous grounds which have a vegetable patch, an orchard as well as a farm with a pony.

The school follows the Spanish curriculum with integrated alternative educational methods which have evolved and are based on the experience of the two owners JuanMa and Xavi who can draw upon more than 14 years of teaching experience.

Escola Arimunani is accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education and in its first year of operation caters for students from the age of 3 to 8.
Emphasised is the presence of two qualified teachers in each class with a maximum of 25 students, where one is dedicated as the English and the other one as the Spanish/Catalan tutor. Hence the students are immersed in the three languages throughout the day. Learning is based on projects which is a student-centered pedagogy that involves learning in a dynamic classroom across the curriculum subjects without the use of textbooks in the early and primary years.

Meaningful, significant, Project-based learning through experiments, collaborative learning, differentiated activities, integrative learning of music, sport and art, children access curriculum through a multiple interdisciplinary programme

Entry assessment
Not in the first year, planned at a later stage

Spanish curriculum with integrated alternative educational methods, English – Spanish – Catalan immersion

Special needs provision
all teachers have further academic degrees and provide integrative support in the classroom

Parent-teacher meetings
Welcome meeting for parents at the beginning of the academic year
regular parent-teacher meetings during academic year

Academic degree
As the schools grows into the Secondary phase there will be the option to gain the Spanish Bachillerato and the Selectividad

Primary: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Secondary: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Student background
expected to be international

Classroom equipment
Open space classroom – children move around freely and access educational materials, outside area always available for outdoor learning activities,
hands-on, wooden learning materials exposed to children

Role of
taught and integrated through cross curricular themes

main library, as the school grows there will be new classrooms installed into building, swimming pool

School fees

fees include insurance, field trips, school supplies and transfer to sports centre

Inscription 530 Euro
Monthly fee (10 months) 530 Euro
Primary Education
Inscription 530 Euro
Monthly fee (10 months) 530 Euro

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  1. hello,
    I have a few questions regarding enrolment.

    I have 3 children born 27.02.2013, 23.09.2014 & 25.04.2017. the older 2 are attending public school here in santa gertrudis (ibiza) where we are currently based. I am British & my wife is Uruguayan. Our plan is to move to Mallorca primarily because of our interest in your schools approach to education but also our work does not restrict us to one geographic location but we are looking for a long term education solution.

    Firstly what is the timetable for new applications ? are there spaces for the next academic year (september 2018) or perhaps on a rolling basis at some point within that academic year ? are the inscription fees a one off or annual ? Are there discounts for siblings ? Do you have open days so we could arrange a pre-visit ? Do you have a start date for your new building project ? & building timetable ( i ask because as a parent i would like to be involved in helping if possible, your website project description indicates this might be possible) ? is the new building being constructed on your current school location ( it helps to know for looking for properties to rent close by ) ?

    thank you so much for taking the time to reply, I look forward to being in touch. You may also be in touch using whatsapp on 619 852 442

    warmest regards

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