The Montessori School of Mallorca


The Montessori School of Mallorca was opened in September 2015 and is the first and currently the only Montessori school on the island. The director and owner of the school, Montserrat Povill Pacheco, is deeply rooted in the field of education and cares passionately about children.

The school is situated in Santa Maria del Cami, in the centre of Mallorca. It is placed in an old mill on an estate of 3,000 m2, on the outskirts of the village. The mill is in a residential area bordering agricultural farms, so children can enjoy a healthy and rural environment close to nature.

Spanish, English and Catalan are the main languages of communication and teaching. The school operates as a British school abroad in line with the English National Curriculum. The school is a member of the Montessori Schools Association (MSA) and authorised by Spanish authorities.

A Montessori education is characterised by independence, freedom within limits and respect for the child´s natural, physical and social environment. It differs considerably from other educational approaches by finding mixed aged groups, freedom of movement in the classroom, trained Montessori teachers and specially designed materials.

Children follow their own interest to learn and explore, have control over their own learning, learning takes place in organised classrooms, learning from peers, movement to enhance learning, learning by doing situated in the context of action

Entry assessment
-Criteria for age three to six (Children’s House): completed 3 years of age or an equivalent mental and social development, be potty trained, an informal interview with the child and parents (for new applicants)
-Criteria for age six to nine (Primary): completed 6 years of age, an informal interview with the child and parents (for new applicants), reports from the child’s former school, some understanding of English: given the fact that the main language of tuition will be English, children enrolling in primary education should have some understanding and be able to communicate in this language
-Criteria for age nine to 12 (Primary): completed 9 years of age, good knowledge of English, an informal interview with the child and parents (for new applicants), reports from the child`s former school

The school accepts new children up to 10 years of age. This is to ensure a smooth transition into a Montessori education for all children and that the child receives a minimum of 2 years of Montessori education before leaving the school.

Montessori curriculum set up as a British school abroad
Main language is English, Spanish and Catalan. German and Chinese will be offered.

Parent-teacher communication
Parents enjoy good involvement in the school, parent committee created, educational sessions for parents provided, parents can sign up to enter the classroom and observe learning

Academic degree
Children leave the school after the age of 12 and are able to settle quickly into a new school to continue their education.

Examinations/ assessments
Assessment is done through observations within the learning environment.

Monday – Thursday: 9:00am until 3:30pm
Friday: 9:00am until 1:30pm

Student background
Majority of students are international (20 different nationalities)
Small percentage Spanish

Classroom equipment
Classrooms are prepared environments with lots of materials designed to meet the needs of each child

Role of…
All part of the curriculum and integrated into daily schedule

School fees

Children´s house (age 3-6) 5400Euro per annum
Primary (age 6-9) 6300Euro per annum
Primary (age 9-12) 7250Euro per annum
Inscription fee 900Euro (non-refundable), 720 with sibling discount
Discounts 7% for 2nd child 10% for 3rd child
Carrer Batle Josep Can 9
Santa Maria del Camí 07320 Santa María
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Regular outings throughout the academic year