Dragonfly British Nursery


Dragonfly British Nursery is committed to preserving the magic of childhood by allowing the children’s natural sense of wonder to nurture them and their interest in the world around them.

In their classrooms, the children are taught how to think, not what to think. The role of the teacher is one of facilitator or guide who brings expertise and knowledge of child development into the classroom.

Social development is central to their philosophy. The school partners with parents to support each child’s unique development. Nursery school is often a child’s first link to a larger community. Experienced, sensitive and loving teachers create a safe haven at Dragonfly British Nursery for children to take both small and large steps. Children are assisted in negotiating play with others, taking turns, listening, and honouring their friends needs for individual exploration. They receive focused support and guidance on specific social issues such as separation and conflict resolution. Sharing experiences and feelings is an integral part of the curriculum.


At Dragonfly British Nursery you will see a creative environment designed to meet the needs of all children, and will be continuously challenged by specific learning goals. The program they pursue is geared towards helping the child develop habits of observation, questioning, and listening. It gives them an awareness of their feelings, and their right to express these feelings by sometimes channeling them in to other means of expression.

Children learn that they are free to make choices, and that as long as they stay within the limits of consideration for people and things, they do not always have to conform.

Opening hours:
9:00- 12:00
Extra time: 8:00-9:00