Ecoescola Sa Llavor

Sa Llavor school has been created and opened in 2007 as an independent and and non-profit, autonomous school.
Their focus lies within a holistic pedagogy and innovative teaching methods that educate the child through experiences and ethical principles that take the emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual necessities in each stage of its growth and development into account.

The four founders of the project, Irene Sevilla, Sofia Sevilla, Manuel Santiago and Victor Mardaras guide the school in all its fields, covering the stages of Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education.

The different areas of the curriculum are linked together so learning is interrelated and practical, in connection with nature and art. It nurtures the ability to live, feel and think freely.

Currently there are 90 students learning at the school.

The teacher becomes mediator who supports students to understand but the students experiment, acquire and transmit knowledge themselves, this way they will develop confidence in their possibilities, creative capacity and personal initiative.
No use of textbooks. Students create their own material in an artistic and creative way from a variety of bibliographical sources.
The language of instruction changes according to the different activities creating a balance in the use of the languages. Catalan, Spanish and English coexist in respect and harmony.
Curriculum content is taught through monthly interdisciplinary projects that are relevant to life and that connect different areas of learning.
Art takes the role of possible transcendental expression in the school through processes of painting, modelling, loom, theatre, dance, poetry, singing and music.
Everyday contact with nature and learning activities take place outside.
Awareness of the inner silence, connection to yourself
Participation in different daily activities such as garden and school garden care, food preparation in the kitchen, support in the organization of the library, maintenance of the school
Daily physical activity to optimize the functioning of their body and mind.

Early childhood
Children from 3-6 years form one group. They live as one big family, they learn from each other, they help themselves and they develop social skills e.g. cooperation. Play is the spontaneous expression of the child and the most important activity he performs in school during this educational stage.

Primary stage
At this stage the child begins to become emotionally independent from their environment and experiences life through their emotions. It needs to be surrounded by an artistic environment rich in nuances that allows the development of sensitivity and emotional intelligence.

The education of sensitivity allows one to understand and regulate one’s own emotions and those of others. It develops enthusiasm, perseverance, empathy, collaboration and ability to work as a team. When you connect knowledge with emotions and learning passes through the heart, you truly learn.

Secondary stage
At this stage, thinking and reasoning take on a major role in students learning. Developing their own judgment becomes the main objective.

School day starts at 8:30am
and finishes at 1:30pm for students from Early Years and Primary
2:00pm for students from Second to Sixth of Primary and Secondary

Friday school finishes at 1:30pm for all students

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One day a week is dedicated entirely to excursions to different natural environments