Atlas Escoleta

The trilingual nursery school ATLAS is a private early learning centre run by Dulce Jaume and Patricia Jurado, both of whom are experienced Early Years teachers. Although each of their expertise lies in different areas, their dream is to ensure that every child in the world is able to learn in a happy environment, where they feel valued and respected and where they learn to treat others in the same way.

Atlas is a nursery school, which enables and encourages children to reach their full potential in every way. They offer a mixed, nondenominational, trilingual education in which the religious and cultural differences of every family are valued and respected. With this in mind, collaboration and continual dialogue with the families are fundamental.

Children build up their knowledge through play. They are active learners who experience, observe and interact with other children in the centre. The teacher serves as a guide who observes and prepares the environment so each child is able to develop to their fullest potential.

A few examples of resources are: play corners, treasure chest, book area, surprise boxes, outdoor games, sand pit, class outings, etc…

Lunch is provided by the catering “Bon Gust” who provides a healthy, balanced meal for the children every day.

Children are exposed to Spanish, English and Catalan during the day.

Opening times:
Early morning: 7:30h till 9h
Nursery day: 9h till 12h/ 15/ 17h
Afternoon: 17h till 20h